RestorFX Dubai

Beyond Traditional

Meet the 3 product lines that go beyond traditional and give us the future of the automobile reconditioning industry.

Automotive Refinishing


RestorFX's Paintless Clearcoat Repair technology is a revolutionary rethinking of paint reconditioning that beautifully restores a vehicle to look like new, with no bodyshop repaints or temporary detail polishing–only permanent results that bring back the value of a car and the integrity of its original finish.

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Surface Protection


The ClearFX Attogenetic Surface Engineering system, a superior evolution of nanoceramic technology advanced by the strength and lightness of graphene, produces a hyper-strength, super hydrophobic and extremely scratch-resistant layer of high gloss protection that lasts for years and does not wash off. Fortify your car against surface damage, ultraviolet (UV) exposure and other environmental wear while giving it long-lasting luster and shine.

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